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Industry News
  • In the world of chemistry, there are many magical compounds that play a variety of roles in nature. Today, we will explore an organic compound called Shikimic Acid, which has the chemical formula C7H10O5 and the CAS number 138-59-0. So.


  • D-lysine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt form of D-lysine, an enantiomer of the essential amino acid lysine. Here’s a detailed explanation and its various uses:


  • Valeronitrile, a versatile chemical compound, is gaining attention for its diverse applications across various industries. Initially known for its role in the production of specialty polymers and fibers, valeronitrile has expanded its utility into pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and electronics.


  • In the field of chemical research and production, a new development has recently occurred that has attracted widespread attention. Arecoline hydrobromide, with the CAS No. 300-08-3, has shown remarkable characteristics and potential applications.


  • With the continuous advancement of science and technology, human beings' exploration of life has become more and more in-depth. In the latest research, scientists have discovered a compound with amazing effects-1,3-dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This discovery has attracted widespread attention from the global scientific community and has placed many expectations on it.


  • In the cosmetics industry, a natural ingredient called Arbutin (Chemical Registration No. 497-76-7) has received widespread attention for its excellent skin whitening effect. Researchers found that this compound extracted from bearberry leaves effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, making it a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products.


  • In today's era of sustainable development, scientists are constantly searching for new compounds that can improve the quality of life and protect the environment. Recently, Valeronitrile (CAS 110-59-8) has been found to have broad application potential and has become an important player in promoting sustainable development.


  • In the field of medicine, a new drug that is thought to have the potential to revolutionize diabetes treatment is quickly emerging. Glucosylglycerol, a compound known for its amazing biological activity, has recently attracted considerable attention from the scientific community.


  • In the field of chemical synthesis, a compound called Tosyl Azide is gradually attracting the attention of researchers. The CAS number of Tosyl Azide is 941-55-9. It is an azide compound containing an alkyl p-toluenesulfonyl group and has a unique structure and multiple potential applications.


  • In the field of medicine, small molecule drugs (Small Molecule Drugs) have always played an important role. These drugs have relatively small molecular structures, often consisting of hundreds of atoms, and have good pharmacokinetic properties and broad biological activities. Recently, a new research result has caused a sensation in the medical community, bringing new breakthroughs in the field of small molecule drugs.


  • In a significant stride towards innovation and efficiency in pharmaceutical development, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) specializing in small molecule drug services are setting new benchmarks. This burgeoning sector is not just transforming the landscape of drug development but is also offering a beacon of hope for faster, more cost-effective pathways to bringing essential medications to market.


  • In today's era of rapid technological development, innovative results in the field of chemistry are constantly emerging. Among them, Anisaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal (2186-92-7), as a breakthrough synthetic compound, is attracting widespread attention. Its unique properties and broad application prospects bring new possibilities to the chemical industry.