About Us



Shanghai Jiaoze Industrial Co.,Ltd, established in 2019, is a CDMO supplier that specializes in providing one-sop services for small molecule drug customers from route development to commercialization, including research and development production and registration application. Its business covers laboratory customization; ​process development; ​intermediate and APl pilot production, product sales, commercial production, etc.


Jiaoze Industrial actively promotes the construction of an innovative talent team, with over 50 employees, over 50% of whom hold graduate degrees or above. The core R&D management team members have an average of over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and have vertical integration capabilities in the development and production of small molecule drugs. They are skilled in customized synthesis, process development, raw material production, and commercial production of intermediates for various types of small molecule drugs.


Jiaoze Industrial adheres to technological innovation driven enterprise development, with an existing research and developments site area of over 7500 square meters and a production base area of over 150 acres. It is equipped with various pharmaceutical production equipment such as microchannel reactors, glove boxes, LC-MS, HPLC, and hundreds of large-scale analytical and detection precision instruments. It has the ability to research and develop CDMO from pharmaceutical intermediates to raw materials, as well as a research and development process and production quality management system that meets international standards, can help customers improve R&D production efficiency and accelerate the drug launch process.